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Yogic living & 

The Sanctuary is a one-of-a-kind yoga center located in the lush rainforest of Costa Rica. Here you will find a safe space to connect with yourself and find balance in life. Our mission is to provide an intentional living experience that focuses on allowing people to come into harmony with themselves.


Yogic living is designed to help you bring balance and a deep sense of peace into your life. We offer a holistic approach to living that includes daily yoga, meditation, wellness workshops, and chef-made meals to assist you in achieving a healthier and more intentional lifestyle, while also enhancing your emotional, spiritual and physical health. Through our yogic living programs, we teach you the essential principles of how to live like a yogi and find foundation of peace in all aspects of your life.


Our retreats offer all these same benefits and more – shop RETREATS here.


Daily Yoga

At the sanctuary, we start our days with mindfulness movement and set our intentions for the day with an asana practice.



​- Double room shared lodging

- 3 In-house well-balanced Costa Rican meals (5 days a week)

- Relaxing massage, etc...

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Wellness Workshops & Fun

With our goal to heal, ascend, and maintain a high-vibration, your soul and mind will be fed in spiritual community. You will also have access to the nearby river and other fun private Sanctuary activities!

Jungle Waterfall

Sanctuary Gallery

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Partial Work Exchange Application

"In order to receive your hands must be open."


We have an application fee as a contribution towards this initiative, please make sure you submit this fee in order for your application to be considered. Thank you!

The Sanctuary offers partial work exchange opportunities for those who are experiencing financial limitations or wish to give back in a unique way.

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