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Pizza And The Power of The Third Eye by Ngozi Burrell

"I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my mind, it was something so pleasant about that place...And when you're out there without care

Yeah, I was out of touch

But it wasn't because I didn't know enough

I just knew too much" - Crazy- Gnarls Barkley

When I jumped off the cliff of my own mind, into the darkness of myself, I realized I was not everything I thought I was. The scariest part of the awakening is accepting that you will know more than you plan for. When I began the journey to decolonize my faith I was excited to unlock all of my potential within but had no real idea how my own body functioned. I didn’t understand the significance the third eye chakra played in supporting my current reality, and by forcing it open with psilocybin in 2020, here is what I learned (after a few stints in the psychiatric ward). Commonly known in the world of science as the pineal gland, the third eye chakra is responsible for regulating your sleep, assisting with female hormones, and mood stabilization. It responds to light and darkness, which is why many feel like it “opens and closes” like an eye. I learned that melatonin is produced there, which is why it is important to create sleeping routines to prevent mood disorders. From a spiritual perspective, the third eye is where you can meditate to place concentration on thinning the spiritual veil, practicing to see with your mind’s eye instead of the physical eyes. This requires practice so your body adjusts to the third eye opening up through darkness. When you monitor your eating habits, practice an intentional lifestyle and meditate regularly, you are in the process of decalcifying your third eye, meaning it becomes more active and refined. This is where your discernment comes into play, as a lower volume pineal gland increases schizophrenic symptoms. You may begin to “hear or see” what is not physically around you, imbalancing your sleep and decreasing mood stabilization if you aren’t wise. The more active your third eye, the more it feels like your brain is “on” and you can’t rest your body for regulation by the circadian rhythm within. As you continue to refine your third eye to connect with Akashic records, listen to messages from your ancestors, or to commune with Spirit, be sure to practice feeling your third eye “open and closing” to create more control and awareness within the body. It may feel like a magnet in the center of your forehead pulling in energy. You are trying to ensure that you maintain autonomy over what you allow into your body in the spiritual realm, so make sure you listen to frequencies that guide you during your meditation to transition your eye back to its rested state like here. When I was trying to interpret my spiritual journey it was very useful to activate my third eye in order to clarify messages from Spirit that were difficult to understand in such a distracting environment. It allowed me to sit still with myself and be unafraid of the changes within my body, yet I did not understand the importance of closing contact with the spiritual world without previous experience. Unprepared, it left my mind open to receiving messages and presences from entities of both light and darkness, I became overwhelmed with my human brain and succumbed to mania, where I lacked sleep for several days and could barely keep my eyes closed because I kept getting visions and couldn’t control them. I felt like I was less in the body because I was communing with Spirit, and the human experience does not involve us returning to our spiritual form (at least not that I am called to). Because we have a root chakra that keeps us stable, I practice keeping myself grounded in this current reality by adding volume (calcifying my pineal) and eating bread, cheese, and other food that create a certain heaviness in the physical body to remind me to remain earth-side (a good pizza is recommended if you are in the season of fasting and meditating). Your mind is a powerful tool to regulate your reality, and choosing to alter it for the sake of going deeper to know oneself is a beautiful journey. Unfortunately, Western societies thrive on our ignorance and reliance on external stimuli to help make choices. It will be shift for many and highly recommended that you practice meditation daily around the same time each day, preferably when you first wake up or when you are about to sleep, so there is consistency and autonomy. Feel your third eye opening and closing through meditation, by imagining the center of your forehead releasing and contracting with heat until you can exercise it at will. Be sure to document your symptoms and experiences after each meditation so that you are aware of any anomalies that may arise throughout the day that affect your sleep and mood. I was able to balance my mood and sleep without medication for over 2 years after being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder with consistent meditation and a daily routine that still kept me aware of God’s plan for me. I still receive visions daily, but monitor what I put into my body and pay attention to lack of sleep, irritability or thoughts that do not align with the human experience (if you feel like you are going to fly after a deep trance meditation, you should eat some pizza). It is a huge responsibility to choose to know yourself and to create a relationship with the unseen, meditate responsibly and you will become more aligned with your soul purpose and have clarity on your calling. See you on the other side.

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