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Selfie by Jas

SelfIE by Jas

SELF-IE SELF IsinEvitible

Song: God Morning by Natalie Lauren “Today I will show up for myself”

You’ve got to take care of YOU because no one else will. I didn’t understand this in my 20s.  I remember thinking “I can’t put me first, because if I do that then I am selfish and if I am selfish then no one will want to deal with me.”  I can’t even remember where this thought came from, but I am pretty sure it stemmed from childhood.  I’ve been told that I have ALWAYS been the girl who wanted to please everybody.  I never wanted to be disliked. I never wanted anyone to be upset with me. ALWAYS going overboard to please the next person. I did this so much that it drained me… so much so that I was depleted ANDDDDD it doesn’t hurt that I am an empath.   Now that I am 33, I have learned that it is  inevitable that I take care of me. Self is Inevitable. What does that look like? What does self-care look like? Self care is the care of self. Showing up for yourself. Not neglecting you. Not neglecting your thoughts, fears , truth, etc. Self Care Regimens that I LOVE

  1. CRY IT OUT!!! Stressed? Happy? Sad? Angry? Sometimes self care is a long, good ugly, soul cleansing cry. (What you mean Jas?)  Crying releases so much. It literally feels like the weight of the world being lifted from you.  Its also a mini detox. You are releasing bad toxins and bad energy.  Own that moment, be in it, OWN whatever emotion you are feeling at the time and release it. 

  • DANCE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite shows is Greys Anatomy (Mark Sloan is my BESTIE) Meredith had a thing where when life got overwhelming, her and her best friend Christina would dance it out! Put on your favorite song and dance it out.  Twerk it Out! (Listen I am a HUGE twerking advocate mmkay!!) Just get moving! This too is a release and you’ll burn calories while doing it.

  • LAUGH!!!!!!!!  I mean laugh laugh!!!!! Stomach hurting. Can’t breathe. Tears falling Laughing.  Think about something hilarious, watch a movie,  scroll social media looking for old VH1 Reality TV shows to laugh at.  The reason this is a part of self care (remember Self Is Inevitable) is because it makes you feel better. Not to mention a good laugh is the same thing as a P90X workout.

  • SELF AWARENESS- WHEW!!! This is a tough one.  Becoming self-aware forces, you to have some pretty tough talks with yourself.  This may mean the realization that sometimes YOU are the problem.  I have been there before. Realizing that sometimes I am the toxic one. Sometimes I AM the one that is holding ME back. Self-Awareness is extremely powerful, but you’ve got to be ready to face yourself in order to really face yourself.  I believe that we become a lot of different people before we settle into who we really are.  This journey to self-discovery requires a level of vulnerability that forces us to dig deep into those buried areas, the areas that no one knows but You and The Most High…. Yeah man! Dig deep and learn who you are independent of other people.

  • Learn to say No!- Yooooo….. this is a tough one for me but it is apart of self care. Ask yourself, how many times have you said Yes to something that you didn’t want to do? How many times have you said No then followed that No up with an explanation? Self-care sometimes requires you saying NO! NO I do not want to answer the phone today! No I do not want to show up just because you invited me! No I do not have $500 dollars to give you!  No I do not have any energy for you to waste!  It’s even biblical. “But let your Yes be Yes and your No, No.  For whatever is more than these is from the evil one”. Matthew 5:7. Here is the great thing about the word No…… You can ALWAYS change your mind later.  Learn to say NO. You will save yourself from being overwhelmed later.  

  • Show up for yourself! –  This can look like purpose! What is purpose? Your purpose is that thing that you’ll do no matter what. No matter if you get paid or not. No matter who’s watching.  You owe it to yourself to always show up for YOU! You show up for yourself by doing what makes you happy and what makes you feel free.  This is something that NO ONE can take from you. No one can take purpose from you, and no one will bet on you like you’ll bet on you.  The powerful thing about you is there is literally no one else out there that can be you but you. We all have a gift that The Most High put in us that makes us unique and because of that, we have nothing to lose yet we gain so much fulfillment when we show up for ourselves. Showing up for you sends a message to others to be careful with you.

Self Love is the cure for Self Hate.

Let this bless you real good!

With Love and Lots of Hugs, Jas

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